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I had recently moved on to a new ‘playground’, and with much excitement, I felt the dynamics and synergy to input my ideas and blend into the crowd.

While being excited with my new environment, I also noticed that I needed to make some changes and alter my usual practices in order to fit and synergize with this new environment. To be frank, house chores and my kids await when I reach home after work. I often find myself being a couch potato after finishing all the chores, surfing the internet or watching TV. As much as I feel guilty of doing so, but the tendency of repeating these actions can’t be shaken.

Lasst Sunday, while out shopping with my kids, we went to the book store and ended up with lots of books for my kids while I got myself a thin book titled “13 Fatal Errors that Managers Make and How You Can Avoid Them.” I started out with the 1st chapter on Monday, it was quite hard to stay focused at the beginning but I eventually finished the 1st chapter, albeit with tired eyes (age does catch up). Tuesday, Wednesday were busy days for house chores again, Thursday night I was glued to the sofa watching The Avengers for the eighth time! After a while something triggered me to turn off the TV and switch on the radio. I then picked up the book and started on chapter 2. This time however, I took a much shorter time to finish chapter 2. I found myself much more enthusiastic to learn more. This made me realize that it lies within ourselves to make the first move and put in the effort to improve ourselves.

The lesson learnt from here is not about guiltiness nor laziness, but determination to take the FIRST STEP. One you have taken that first step, things will become much easier. Life is more than TV, iPads and other electronic gadgets. Make that FIRST STEP to do things which will enrich ourselves.