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Melinda: Hey , Tammy, I have seen this kind of issue happen in the past when I was working in my previous company, I would propose that you use this excel template to keep track of the history records and also add in the card to provide a good visual update in front of this equipment.

Tammy: No offence Melinda, but don’t you think that excel and visual card is something from the past and we should work on getting some new innovative ideas to better resolve this.

Melinda: Well, it’s up to you, the method I propose just now was very effective when I was implementing it back in my previous company.

Have you ever been in the scenario mentioned above? Generally, this is happening all across the manufacturing industry. If we look a bit further into such issue, there are contributing factors toward such occurrence

Over-confidence, certain over-confident leaders would sometimes continue to live in their heyday in which they did not notice time has flew by and technology has evolved drastically. It is always sad to see that due to over-confidence, such leaders refuse to learn and move on with the tide.

Stagnantion, there are people that stay too long in their position or company. Due to the silo condition, there is no exposure which provides insight for such leader to feedback new ideas, as such the only way for them to keep feeding ideas would be to rely on their past experience.

Laziness, often the evil that is laziness kicks in resulting in the leader feeling reluctant to move on as they have been in their comfort zone for quite a long time. At times when there are no issues, such scenario would make them feel as if there is no need to think of improvement, as such this will not trigger their innovative ideas to improve the situation and resolve the issue

In lieu of such scenario, for leaders to keep up with the moving world and to be able to provide new insight towards resolving a challenge, there are several ways to be considered. As the saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Reading, this is the basic thing a leader should do. Be it using the latest technology such as tablets or smart phone down to grabbing a physical book, a leader should not stop reading. Reading provides an insight to new ideas and trigger new analytic thought for innovation. Through reading, it challenges your mind to understand whether the “experience idea” that you have in your mind is still valid or its time to adopt a new move. Reading also intrigues our curiosity to know more about other people’s thoughts and how we can adapt to those thoughts.

Gathering, As leaders, one needs to actively participate in forums and platforms that will provide you with insight on the latest trend. In such social forums or platforms, you will be given the chance to interact and exchange ideas with other leaders. Through conversation, a leader would learn how to convey the thoughts and at the same time absorb new ideas from other individuals. The gathering would also help to build up network for leaders.

Listening.  When you have been an inspirational leader, it is not what you say that makes a huge impact, if you would quiet down and listen, listen with your heart, listen to your audience, listen to your staff that is sharing their thoughts. The idea of listening would help you to implant the message into your brain so that you would constantly get new knowledge and ideas. A leader that does not listen also shows that he or she is not giving themselves a chance to learn and comprehend.

In a way, imagine if humans stop learning, we would have gone back to the stone age, there will be no more innovation that will help make this world a better place to live in. To stop learning would hinder the progress of living standards and hinder the ideas to become a better person. In the end it leads to no resolution on a problem that surfaces.

I do hope that you enjoyed reading this article and feel free to drop a message and share your thoughts on this areas.