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It’s a dream for any leader or manager to have the best team in the world working on assignments. Be honest to yourself, who doesn’t want that right? I believe there are many writeups out there which detail the makings of the best working team and the type of members you should have as well as how to grow them into the ultimate team. However, we will not be talking about conventional working teams today. Today we will be talking about cycling teams. 

If you are a cyclist or if you happen to watch cycling competitions on TV, you would notice that some world re-known competition such as Le Tour de France would gather all the top cycling teams in the world. As the teams compete, not everyone in the team would be the stars that cross the finish line. As a matter of fact, the team members all have their own specific roles. Let’s view through the roles of each cyclist in a cycling team. 


The captain is always the leader of the group, he or she will normally be the person that strategize how the team moves when they are in the race. This person pushes the morale of the group and help to keep the team together. In a normal working team, your team lead should play the role of a captain, such person possesses the ability to maintain and keep the group in shape and ensure the winnings. 


The role of sprinters is to conserve energy and hide within the slipstream then burst into action upon the signal of the captain. The sprinters are tasked to complete each stage for points and position. Normally the sprinters are triggered when they are close to the end of a race. In your team, sprinters are people that you would want to deploy for quick fixes of an issue and bear in mind you will have to identify their skill sets in advance to be able to assign them for such situations. Do not use them for tasks which require long hours and consistency as sprinters are full of energy for a short burst instead of stamina for endurance runs. 

Climbing specialist 

The climbing specialists are the ones that climb very well in an inclined situation. Such specialist always has the endurance and persistence to stay in the front of the team during inclines to provide cover for their team members. They are always the toughest person in the team. In the working world, climbing specialists would be your subject matter expert, they are the ones who will stay consistently focused on one issue specialized to them to be resolved. At times, you would notice that such specialists do not have the intention to be in leadership roles, instead they just want to do what they do best. 

Time Trialist 

The role of time trialist is to maintain high speed for long periods of time. They are the so-called pace makers whom the team paces themselves against during the competition. The time trialist plays a very essential role in ensuring that the team is able to maintain an average speed throughout the race. As such in your working team in the office, such person would sometimes not be a subject matter expert but they do have the exposure in every area and are agile enough to set a good example to monitor if there are fall out of the schedule or team members who are not persistent enough to move towards their targets. They are sort of the nanny of the team. 


Domestique, although not the ones who crosses the finish line but they too play a super important role in ensuring that hydration drinks are being passed on to the entire team. Other than that, they also as guards for the team by blocking of other competitors from overtaking their team. In your daily work, there is this one person who are usually not too significant in their task but they are the ones who have been supporting the team all the while by ensuring a meeting room is booked, food is sufficient during long meetings, and making sure reference materials are ready. 

As a summary for the above sharing , the message here is to tell the leader or manager that not everybody in your team needs to grow into a superstar nor to constantly push everyone for growth. Cultivate those that has potential to grow such as the sprinters and the captain or even the time trialist, give breathing space for the climbing experts and the dometique to do what they are good at. As such, with such team work, I believe you will be able to achieve the goals set by the company. 

I hope you enjoyed this article and do feel free to share your thoughts on this topic and lets grow together.