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In work, we can never be alone. At work we always need to communicate and network with others. As such it is very important that we understand how friendship works in a working environment.

Friendship at work is important but it is also to be very cautious so as it does not turn into a blade that affect your career. And we all sometimes understand that work and responsibility sometimes create flickers in the friendship that we have among our self.

Equal assumption in work friendship

When it comes to work friendship , it is never equal. When you think that your friend at work actually priorities you during the work, you would soon find out that that was not true.  This situation, if you deep dive into it, will then realized that everybody has their own goals, company has their own goals too, people are with passion and thoughts, as such when it comes to benefit of personal needs, friendship equality will lost it balance.

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”
— Dale Carnegie

Conflict of roles

When you are in work, and you also have a best friend working in the same place, ask yourself, were you able to differentiate that clearly when it comes to responsibility. Assuming, you are the guardian of quality while your best friend is running operation which focus on output, there sure will be times where you will be in challenging situation to either wear that business hat or quality hat. Such decision and scenario will then be challenge in your friendship.


This is such a sensitive topic  where by even if you have treated your work professionally, people surround you will also be having that perception that you have work out very well in term of work with your fellow friend. End of the day, you are unable to control what people think and would say. As such the word that spread will again affect the friendship in work.

As a rule of thumb, learnt to protect yourself, practice your professionalism and be cautious.